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Northbound SR43 entering the Reverse Curve.
Northbound SR43 Entering the Reverse Curve

The Brooke-Hancock-Jefferson Metropolitan Planning Commission (BHJ) was approached by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) District 11  to review the crash history on SR43 through the Village of Amsterdam. This request came as a result of ODOT planning to resurface the roadway and wanting to ensure any needed improvements were included.

BHJ gathered crash data using ODOT’s GIS Crash Analysis Tool (GCAT).  This tool enables the user to easily find crashes along any street or highway in the State of Ohio using graphic tools on a map. As a result, a crash pattern in a tight reverse curve (south of the intersection of SR43 and SR164) was identified. This section of SR43 carries a high percentage of trucks (18 percent), which are mostly semi-tractor trailers and large single unit water trucks for the oil and gas drilling activity. Because of the tight turn, two trucks cannot pass each other simultaneously in the curve. Field observation noted that most truck drivers who are familiar with the curve radio ahead and wait if there is a truck approaching from the opposite direction.

The recommended solution is to reconstruct the reverse curve with larger radii to accommodate truck vehicles.

ODOT has concurred with BHJ’s recommendation and the project has been added to BHJ’s Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The project is currently in the design phase with construction scheduled after January 2019. ODOT District 11 will be providing the detailed design.

Aerial picture of the preliminary plan.
Project Preliminary Plan 

The total project cost is estimated at $700,000. BHJ is committed to providing $359,000 in funding from their Federal Highway Fund allocation. Local funding, expected to cost $83,000, will be provided by the Village of Amsterdam. The remaining funding ($261,000) including project environmental process, design and right-of-way will be funded by ODOT.

Update: Stage 1 design plans are completed.  Final plans are scheduled to be completed in August 2018 with right-of-way acquisition completed in September 2018.

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