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Every community is vulnerable to physical disruptions or disasters at some point, but rarely have so many communities been simultaneously impacted by such a far-reaching threat as COVID-19. Brooke County and Hancock County are not exceptions and like the remaining Ohio Valley will be forced to deal with the fallout of the Coronavirus for many years.

There are many options available to help small businesses address the challenges presented by COVID-19. Funding is available to offset or eliminate costs associated with personal protective equipment, employee payroll, and other expenses. The requirements and application processes for many of these programs may seem complicated, but assistance is available.

Due to funding via the CARES Act, the Economic Development Administration (EDA) has provided resources to assist the Region XI Brooke-Hancock Planning and Development Council regarding both the provision of short-term technical assistance and long-term resiliency planning.

For additional information about assistance programs please visit the Small Business Association’s Corona Virus Relief Options page and the West Virginia Development Office’s Covid-19 Business Relief Resources and Information page.

If you would like assistance to determine program eligibility or help to complete applications, please submit your contact information. A staff member will be happy to assist you at your business, online, or via telephone.

COVID-19 Assistance Request

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