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All BHJ records are public, unless they are specifically exempt from disclosure under
applicable Ohio law. “Record” includes any document or device, whether paper, electronic,
or other format, which is created or received under the jurisdiction of this agency and
which documents the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, operations, or
other activities of the agency.

Record Requests:
Requests should be given to the Agency Office Manager in person, by phone (740-282-3685) or by filling out form below.

No specific language is required to make a request, but the requester must identify records
with sufficient clarity to allow the office to identify, retrieve, and review the records. If it is
not clear what records are being sought, the records custodian should ask the requester for
clarification, and assist the requester in revising the request by informing them of the
manner in which this office maintains and accesses its records. The requester need not put
a request in writing, or provide his or her identity or the intended use of the requested
records. However, the completion of the Request for Public Records will assist us in
responding to the request in a more efficient and timely manner.

Production of Requested Records:
The Office Manager will log all requests made and determine who within the Agency is best
able to fill the request. The Executive Director will review all records prior to release. The
log will then will be updated to record the release of records. Inspection of public records
must be made available promptly. Copies of public records must be made within a
reasonable period of time. “Promptly” and “reasonable period of time” take into account all
the factors related to a particular request, including but not limited to the volume of
records requested, where the records are stored, and time for any legal review and/or
redaction. Records prepared for inspection may be viewed during regular business hours.
BHJ’s office will provide copies of public records on the medium the office determines it can
duplicate during normal operations. If portions of a record are public and portions are
exempt, the exempt portion will be redacted and the rest released. Any redaction made will
either be plainly visible on the face of the record or the agency will inform the requestor of
the redaction. Denial of all or any part of any public record requested shall include an
explanation for the denial, including legal authority.

Cost of Public Records:
There is no charge for viewing (inspecting) public records.
Copies of public records may be charged at the following rates (Actual cash needed).
 Paper copies – 21 cents per page
 Downloaded computer files on a compact disc – $2 per disc
 Electronic records e-mailed to the requester – No charge
Requesters may have records mailed to them by paying the Agency the actual cost of
postage and mailing supplies.

If the content of an e-mail or other electronic communication meets the definition of a
public record (see “Records” above), it is subject to disclosure, whether it is a public, or
private, e-mail account. Requests for e-mail records will be treated in the same fashion as
records in other formats. The following are examples of records exempt from disclosure under
the public records act:
1) Cost estimates of projects until all bids have been received, R.C. 5525.15.
2) Information relative to bidder qualifications, R.C. 5525.04.
3) Sealed bids for construction projects, R.C. 5525.10.
4) Trade secrets, R.C. 1333.61(D).
5) Employee medical records, R.C. 149.43 (A).
6) Social Security numbers, R.C. 149.43 (A).
7) Certain selection devices used in making hiring and promotional decisions, R.C.
8) Certain communications between Agency employees, an attorney, the Attorney
General, or special counsel appointed by the Attorney General, R.C. 149.43(A).
9) Files on current administrative investigations, R.C. 149.43 (A) (2).
10) Home addresses and home telephone numbers of Agency employees.
11) Any records created or maintained by BHJ for security purposes and infrastructure
records that disclose the configuration of the Agency’s critical systems, including but
not limited to, communication, computer, electrical, mechanical, ventilation, water,
plumbing systems or security codes. This does not mean a simple floor plan that
discloses the physical location of the components of the office, R.C. 149.433.
12) Records that are past the retention period and that have been destroyed.

Records Request

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