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BHJ played a major role in the creation of the Jefferson County Trails and Greenways Plan, which was completed in 2012. The plan has been distributed widely to local governments and interested stakeholders, who have been encouraged to work both independently and together to implement the recommendations outlined in the plan.

The plan was created as a result of interest by the public for improved bicycle/pedestrian access for health, leisure and as an alternative to vehicles. Click here for a full copy of the bicycle/pedestrian plan, or here is a reference guide for the creation of trails and greenways.

The primary goal of the Jefferson County Trails and Greenways Plan was to identify corridors throughout the county that have the potential for the creation of bike/pedestrian paths. The potential corridors were broken down into four regions of Jefferson County: River, North, Central, and South.

Two projects are currently moving forward as a result of this plan:

  • Steubenville Marina to Fourth Street (at Fourth and Franklin) – Currently, there is no bike/ped access to the Steubenville Marina. This project calls for the construction of a shared-use (bike/ ped) path that would link the marina to Steubenville.  The path is part of the city’s ongoing effort to support the development the marina. Once the path is complete, residents and visitors would be able to walk or bike to the Fort Steuben Pier, recreational fishing, and other leisure activities along the Ohio River. The next step in this project is for the City of Steubenville to solicit letters of interest for design of the shared use path. The city expects to advertise for LOIs in Fall 2017.
  • US Bike Route 50 – BHJ is assisting with the development of a Brooke and Hancock connection for US Bike Route 50 that would link WV to existing US Bike Route 50 corridors in Ohio and Pennsylvania. BHJ Transportation Director Dave Snelting, PE, will be meeting in mid-November with the WV DOT to discuss the scope of work on this project.

If you are interested in getting involved in the Jefferson County Trails and Greenways movement, you can contact the BHJ or talk with your local government officials to discuss your community’s potential in implementing sections of the plan.

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