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Objective 3- Makes the roads safer for our community.
SR2 (Commerce St) and SR27 (Washington Pike) Intersection Improvement; Wellsburg, WV
The intersection at SR2 (Commerce St) and SR27 (Washington Pike) has very tight geometry making it very difficult for trucks to make turns. The current turn lanes become unusable during high traffic flow periods and the steep slopes of RT 27 cause a hazard to stopping traffic, especially heavy trucks coming downhill. Traffic count data shows approximately 19,000 vehicles use this intersection daily with approximately 5 percent trucks. This truck traffic increases when fracking operations are occurring in the area due to the high number of trucks hauling water. In 2018 alone, this intersection experienced 15 crashes and 41 overall when approach road crashes are considered. The project will widen the turning radii on all corners and add left turn lanes of adequate length on all approaches. Also, an advanced intersection warning sign with rumble strips can slow down the vehicles and reduce crash probabilities of vehicles traveling down SR27. This with lighting, installing a closed loop master control system with limited traffic detection, crosswalk, and restriping of the intersection can improve safety of this intersection. A very preliminary cost estimate has been developed showing construction to be approximately $3 million for construction. This plan lists this important project in the unfunded table at this time. WVDOH is pursuing alternative funding sources for construction, but have recently funded a planning study to start finding a solution to this intersection and is expected to be completed in mid-
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Objective 2 – maintain existing infrastructure rather than build new corridors of travel.
Improvements to Lovers Lane from Fernwood Road to State Route 43 (Sunset Boulevard);
Phase 3 – Fort Steuben Drive to SR43 (Sunset Blvd), Steubenville, Ohio.
From Fort Steuben Drive to Sunset Boulevard reconstruct the existing roadway by full-depth pavement replacement and widen to permit two 12-foot lanes. Construction will also include curbs, walkways and curb ramps, as well as increased turn radii on certain intersecting streets.
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