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Wellsburg Bridge

Construction for the $131 million Wellsburg Bridge project is planned to pierce the waters of the Ohio River for the first time this June. Flatiron Construction, awarded the project in 2016, is currently securing a torrent of permits for the project, which will include approvals from the West Virginia and Ohio Divisions of Natural Resources, the Coast Guard, the Army Corp of Engineers and the railroads (Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway and Norfolk Southern).

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Veterans Memorial Bridge

In the summer of 2017, many a northbound driver on Ohio Route 7 made a U-turn at the East Liverpool Exit after finding (or forgetting) that the left-hand turn onto University Ave. was closed. So this year, when the intersection once again closes to left-hand turns, local drivers should already have their alternative routes well in place. Issues with access to the Veterans Bridge (US 22) Route 7 were identified over a decade ago in the Ohio River Bridge Study.

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Fort Steuben Drive Roudabout

Mission accomplished! Drivers are successfully navigating the new $1.4M modern roundabout at Lovers Lane and Fort Steuben Drive in Steubenville, which was completed in July. The roundabout, the first of its kind in eastern Ohio, was a concern to residents when it was announced, but it has become a part of the landscape so quickly, it’s already updated on Google Maps. BHJ conducted a number of up-front studies on traffic patterns…

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Lovers Lane

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) in their ongoing highway safety program identified SR43 (Sunset Blvd) and Lovers Lane in their top 500 urban intersection crash locations in 2011. This location was ranked 45th of all urban intersections state wide. The ODOT District 11 office initiated a safety study of the intersection to identify deficiencies. The safety report was completed in June of 2013 with several recommendations including…

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Village of Amsterdam

The Brooke-Hancock-Jefferson Metropolitan Planning Commission (BHJ) was approached by the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) District 11 to review the crash history on SR43 through the Village of Amsterdam. This request came as a result of ODOT planning to resurface the roadway and wanting to ensure any needed improvements were included. BHJ gathered crash data using ODOT’s GIS Crash Analysis Tool (GCAT).

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Steubenville Marina

To help create additional use opportunities for the Steubenville Marina, a shared used bike/pedestrian path will be built in 2020. The path will connect the Ohio Riverfront to Historic N. Fourth Street, providing a vital connection for bicycles and pedestrians between the City of Steubenville street/walkway system and the Steubenville Marina. This is a Transportation Alternatives Program project, which is including in the BHJ Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP).

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