Wellsburg Bridge Contractor Meets With Regional Bike Trail Group

Wellsburg Bridge Contractor Meets With Regional Bike Trail Group

Flatiron’s rendering of Wellsburg Bridge  www.flatironcorp.com/project/wellsburg-bridge/

An important step in the construction of the Wellsburg Bridge took place Wednesday afternoon when representatives of the Brooke Pioneer Trail group met with project’s contractor.

The trail runs beneath the bridge. As part of the construction, the bridge will have a shared-use path (for bicycles and pedestrians) and the scope of the project requires a connection between the trail and the bridge.

Approximately 15 people attended the meeting with Flatiron Corp., including BHJ’s Transportation Study Director, Dave Snelting.

During the meeting, Flatiron laid out a timeline for dates that the trail would have to be closed during construction. The first closing date will come in September or October.

Snelting said that the connection to the bridge is important for the Brooke Pioneer Trail, as it will provide an opportunity for connection to trails and bikeways on the Ohio side of the river.

Flatiron reported to the first work on the project will be on the Ohio side of the river. The contractor also assured the trail group that they will keep the WV trail open as much as possible, and any closures will be well-posted.

Snelting said BHJ will have information on any closures or disruption of the trail system and will post that information on our social media and the BHJ website.

The $131 million dollar project is currently waiting for permits from the Army Corps of Engineers and U.S. Coast Guard to be approved.

Completion of the bridge is expected for March 2021.