Weirton Transit

The Weirton Transit Corporation began operations on June 1, 1990. It was preceded by a period of 10 years (1978-1988) in which there was no public transportation service in Weirton. The WTC has an agreement in place with the City of Weirton to provide the public transportation service utilizing the FTA Section 5307 funds which are allocated to the City of Weirton area each year.

Since the City of Weirton is the designated recipient, they have the ultimate responsibility for the administration of the Grant. These federal funds are necessary for the operations of the public transit service are passed through the City to the WTC. The federal f=grant monies are matched with an annual subsidy to WTC. Along with the annual allocation of cash funding to WTC, the City provides numerous in-kind services that are also used as part of the required local match for the federal grants. The WTC facilities are housed within the Weirton city building and the equipment is housed in the city’s Public Works garage.

WTC provides service utilizing three small passenger buses with two in service and one held in reserve. The current service operates entirely within the City of Weirton. WTC currently operates a main route and also a demand response service. The regular route follows an hourly schedule but does deviate from the route on occasion to ensure handicap access to public transportation. The demand response unit provides service to individuals with special consideration and requires 24 hours prior notice for scheduling.

The WTC is directed by a Board of Trustees that is comprised of private citizens of the City of Weirton. The Board has operated since July 1, 1990. The members of the Board are not limited to a term of office, but rather may serve indefinitely. In the event a board member must be replaced, new members are selected by the remaining board members. The vacancy is advertised in the local newspaper with a solicitation for interested individuals to submit a resume. Interviews are conducted by a panel of the existing board and recommendations are approved by the Board in an official business meeting. Resumes are evaluated based on qualifications, interests and references provided by the applicant. WTC does not discriminate bus privileges due to race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation.

Using the Weirton Transit Bus

The Weirton Transit Corporation operates bus service on a route deviated basis. The Route Buses will follow the set route schedule. If necessary along the route, the buses will deviate from the set route to accommodate passenger needs, and then return to the route and continue along its set route. This bus will operate on a curb-to-curb basis. It is recommended that requests for deviated services on the bus be made 24 hours in advance, however, same day requests will be accommodated when possible. The stop times listed for the Main Route are based on stop times with no requested deviations, therefore, it is possible the bus can be later than the stops times listed by several minutes. The routes are designed to provide service in less than 1 hour. In order to keep this bus running closer to listed schedule, it is recommended that riders catch the bus along the Main Route as much as possible. Deviation from the route requests will be accommodated on a first come/first serve and as available basis and must be requested 24 hours in advance by calling the WTC office at 797-8597. The WTC will do its best to accommodate all trip requests. WTC does no discriminate bus privileges due to race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or religious affilation

To view the Weirton Transit Schedule you can click here.