Mike Paprocki

Executive Director

Effective February 1, 2015, Michael J. Paprocki was named Executive Director of BHJ.  Mr. Paprocki has been with the agency since June 1992. He first began his tenure as a Senior Transportation Planner and advanced to Transportation Engineer in 1994. In 1998, Mr. Paprocki assumed the role as Transportation Study Director. His responsibilities previously included maintaining an effective working relationship with federal, state and local agencies, Mr. Paprocki develops, prepares and administers the agency’s annual transportation work program and writes and submits transportation grant applications and programs. He also was responsible for directing and managing members of the transportation staff in the technical aspects of the work program.  In his new role, he will take on overall responsibility and management of the agency.  You can reach Mr. Paprocki at extension 209.

Adrienne Ward

Office Manager

Ms. Ward came on board in early January as BHJ’s Receptionist/Office Assistant. Ward was later promoted to the position of Office Manager. Ms. Ward is responsible for managing all clerical and administrative staff, the purchasing of office supplies and equipment and the editing of all agency correspondences. Furthermore, she oversees and assures the quality of agency reports including monthly Executive Committee packets and bimonthly commission packets. You can reach Ms. Ward at extension 202.

Barb Zimnox

Community Development Specialist

Ms. Zimnox joined the ranks of BHJ in 1999. Ms. Zimnox works diligently as BHJ’s Community Development Specialist to provide local governments and public service districts with management assistance. She is responsible for writing, administering and managing federal grants and monitors labor compliance provisions for water and sewer infrastructure upgrades within Brooke and Hancock counties in West Virginia. At present time, over $16 million have been allocated for much-needed water and sewer upgrades in Brooke and Hancock counties. You can reach Ms. Zimnox at extension 204 or at

Rhonda Howell

Finance Manager

Ms. Howell assumed the duties of the agency’s Finance Manager on April 2, 2012. Ms. Howell is responsible for monitoring BHJ’s financial matters including the total agency budget as well as preparing budgets, cost allocation and fiscal reports.  In addition, she maintains and prepares payroll records, processes payroll, and prepares quarterly progress reports, files the agency’s tax returns. You can reach Ms. Howell at extension 201.

Dave Snelting, PE

Transportation Study Director

Shortly after his retirement as City Engineer for the City of Steubenville, Mr. Snelting joined the agency in February 2006. While City Engineer, he served as the chairman for the BHJ Technical Advisory Committee for 18 years. His responsibilities include maintaining an effective working relationship with federal, state, and local agencies, maintaining BHJ’s travel forecasting model, and managing BHJ’s traffic count program and preparing reports. He also assists in the identification and analysis of local and regional transportation related issues and the development of solutions. You can reach Mr. Snelting at extension 205.

Nicholas Orsay

Transportation Engineer

On June 2, 2014 we welcomed Nicholas Orsay as BHJ’s Senior Transportation Planner. Mr. Orsay is a graduate of The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. His responsibilities include assisting the Transportation Engineer with the update and maintenance of the regional traffic forecasting model and other specialized transportation software. He also assists in the update and maintenance of the year-round traffic count program including scheduling, maintenance and analyzing datasets. Other responsibilities include the creation, collection, update and maintenance of the Geographic Information System (GIS) dataset files. You can reach Mr. Orsay at extension 208.