Rideshare Van


According to the 2000 Census, there are 5,045 people who travel from Brooke, Hancock and Jefferson counties into Southwestern PA for work.  That is a lot of people and a lot of cars on the road (and does not include the people traveling to work in the reverse direction from SW PA into those counties).  That is a lot of wear and tear on a vehicle not to mention the cost of gasoline and parking.  How can you minimize the cost?  That’s easy – Share the Ride!

Several years ago BHJ partnered with CommuteInfo, a program of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission to offer solutions to the cost of traveling to work.  CommuteInfo and BHJ are dedicated to increasing the number of commuters sharing a ride to work.  The goal is for commuters to choose ridesharing at least twice a week by providing them with viable options, incentives and encouragement.  The Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission has been promoting commuting alternatives since the early 1970s

The CommuteInfo program is designed to help all commuters who have one part of their work or school commute ending within the region.  Our partnership has allowed us to help reach commuters from the Steubenville-Weirton area making these kinds of commutes.  We currently have 6 vanpools traveling from Steubenville-Weirton into downtown Pittsburgh and/or Oakland every day.  As part of the CommuteInfo program, the vanpool participants are also eligible for the regional Emergency Ride Home service.

Commuters can register with CommuteInfo (click here) to request a commuting options report which includes contact information for the regional fixed route transit operators, nearby park-n-ride facilities and a list of other individuals making a similar commute who are interested in vanpoolingcarpooling, and/or bikepooling.  Commuters can request their commuting options report on-line or call our toll-free phone number: 1-888-819-6110.

Employers can access technical assistance, articles, posters, and surveys to use during employee recruitment, with job applicants or with existing employees. Employers can contact CommuteInfo staff toll-free at: 1-888-819-6110.