Regional Access Mobility Partnership

Through a strong network of partnerships, the Regional Access Mobility Partnership, hereinafter known as RAMP, offers a wide range of employment, health care, non-emergency specialized transportation, and fixed-route and demand-response public transit services to all citizens of Brooke/Hancock County, West Virginia, and Jefferson County, Ohio

The RAMP is dedicated to eliminate and reduce where possible, obstacles and barriers to transportation services regardless of governmental boundaries (i.e. county, state, or service boundaries) and provide opportunity for participation and cooperation among all public transit human service, and private transportation providers, as well as other social service agencies.

Goals for RAMP:

  • Reduce operating costs and improve conservation of available services
  • Develop a form of central management, i.e. Mobility Manager
  • Create a format or policy for consistent communication
  • Expand “Down the Road” with an eye towards the business community