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Slider2BHJ and BH were chartered in 1968. Our purpose, challenges and partnerships continue to evolve. We understand the need to respond to regional demands and prepare a regional vision within the reality of today’s dollars. Our support dollars do not run in perpetuity. They fluctuate according to mandates and events.  90% of BHJ’s revenue is generated through federal and state grants. In 2014, 60% of funds were allocated to transportation while another 25% were distributed in the economic development/community development.

BHJ is a federally mandated agency. It functions as a “metropolitan planning organization” (MPO) and is structured to best achieve metropolitan transportation planning at the regional level. In accordance to the federal mandate, “the MPO in cooperation with the State Highway Agency and with the operators of publicly owned transit services shall be responsible for carrying out the metropolitan planning process.” The BHJ region is a two-state, three-county and 27 incorporated community area.

As a regional planning and development council, the Brooke-Hancock Regional Planning and Development Council, commonly referred to as BH or West Virginia Region 11, exists to assist local governments, engage in area-wide comprehensive planning, identify regional opportunities, create constructive long-term investments, and administer federal and state grants.