Brooke Pioneer Trail Closures Planned During Four-Year Wellsburg Bridge Construction

Brooke Pioneer Trail Closures Planned During Four-Year Wellsburg Bridge Construction

Conceptual Drawing by Flatiron Corp.

Flatiron Construction Corp and the West Virginia Department of Transportation have announced planned closures and service interruptions for the Brooke Pioneer Trail during the Wellsburg Bridge construction.

The Brooke Pioneer Trail will be open and in full use for Memorial Day and Memorial Day weekend. Flatiron projects that crews will begin using the trail for access to the project site in August or September. 

The trail will be closed beginning in September, or as late as October, for wall installation. Currently, Flatiron and the WVDOT plan to have the Brooke Pioneer Trail open for 2019 Memorial Day. The trail will close again after that date for the remainder of the wall installation.

If all construction goes as planned, the Brooke Pioneer Trail will reopen permanently in September 2019. Bridge girders will be set in June 2020, but will not necessitate a complete closure of the trail. Flatiron and WVDOT are coordinating for emergency use of the trail and will allow access for emergency services.

Mowers will also have access to the trail full time and the stack stone walls along the trail will be disturbed as little as possible.

The Brooke Pioneer Trail runs beneath the bridge. As part of the construction, the bridge will have a shared-use path (for bicycles and pedestrians) and the scope of project requires a connection between the trail and the bridge.

The connection to the bridge is important for the Brooke Pioneer Trail, as it will provide an opportunity for connection to trails and bikeways on the Ohio side of the river.

The $131 million dollar project is currently waiting for permits from the Army Corps of Engineers and U.S. Coast Guard to be approved.

Completion of the bridge is expected for March 2021.

          Conceptual drawing by Flatiron Corp.